Full Stack Development – .NET

Why Full-stack Development in .NET is Too Good for YOU?

Nex-Soft IT Solutions is Gold Learning Solution partner of Microsoft and have also won award for best training service provider in .NET technology. A full Stack Developer in .NET is one who plays dual role of front-end developer & server-side developer. If we research the current trend, demand of Full Stack Developer  in .NET is on high rise. To become one, career aspirants needs to know much more than a specific programming language or a framework. The Full Stack Developer is the new Buzz in the Industry. For any niche things, the one who comes and conquer first will have the edge.

As easily seen from the above observations,  a full stack developer in .NET need to know many things starting from the HTML to backend databases.

If one masters at least HTML5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, Angular JS, SQL & .NET he would become the ‘most sought-after’ full stack developer in .NET.

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